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PolyFace Farms

"In 1961, William and Lucille Salatin moved their young family to
Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, purchasing the most worn-out, eroded,
abused farm in the area near Staunton. Using nature as a pattern, they
and their children began the healing and innovation that now supports
three generations.

Disregarding conventional wisdom, the Salatins planted trees, built huge compost piles, dug ponds, moved cows daily with portable electric
fencing, and invented portable sheltering systems to produce all their animals on perennial prairie polycultures.salatin-family-fall-2012-1-of-1-016.jpg     Quoted from: www.PolyFaceFarms.com (2017)

Today the farm arguably represents America’s premier non-industrial
food production oasis. 

Believing that the Creator’s design is still the best pattern for the biological world, the Salatin family invites like-minded folks to join in the farm’s mission: to develop emotionally, economically, environmentally enhancing agricultural enterprises and facilitate their duplication throughout the world.

The Salatins continue to refine their models to push environmentally-friendly farming practices toward new levels of expertise."

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Brown's Ranch

“Regenerating Landscapes for a Sustainable Future”

Quoted From: BrownsRanch.us (2018)        Gabe and Paul Brown

"We believe that faith, family and working
with the natural resources that God has provided allows us a meaningful
life.  We enjoy using these resources to regenerate landscapes for a
sustainable future.

Our ranch is located just east of
Bismarck, ND.  Shelly and I purchased the ranch from Shelly’s parents in
1991 and have grown the operation to 5000 acres of owned and leased
land.  Son, Paul, returned to the ranch after graduation from North
Dakota State University and became a partner in the operation. 
Daughter, Kelly, lives and works in Fargo, ND and returns home to help
whenever possible.

We believe in and practice Holistic
Management, a part of which is farming and ranching in nature’s image.
We strive to solve problems in a natural and sustainable way.  Improving
soil health is a priority and no-till farming has been practiced since
1993.  A diverse cropping strategy, which includes cover and companion
crops are used.  We have now elimnated the use of synthetic fertilizers,
fungicides, and pesticides. We use minimal herbicide and are striving
to eliminate it.  We do not use GMOs or glyphosate.  Our ever evolving
grazing strategy allows most of our pastures a recovery period of over
360 days.  These strategies have allowed the health of the soil, the
mineral and water cycles to greatly improve.  In other words, the
natural resources have benefited.  This results in increased production,
profit and a higher quality of life for us.  We are moving towards
sustainability for not only ours but future generations as well." 

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browns ranch

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