SAUSAGES: FARMER'S REGULAR - 100% Heritage Pork (2 PACK)

GLUTEN-FREE, ZERO FILLERS - Farmer's style sausages with a 3 simple ingredients!
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Enjoy our delicious, non-greasy, REGULAR farmers sausages in tomato-based pasta dishes, alongside your HERITER FARMS CERTIFIED ORGANIC EGGS for breakfast, or served alone with mashed potatoes and veggies as a quick and easy weekday meal. They contain 4 simple ingredients: pork, salt, pepper and water. That's it! 

Always gluten-free, zero fillers and plenty of flavour. 1 pack equals 2 large sausages.

*Please note that HERITER FARMS CERTIFIED ORGANIC EGGS, are only available at farm gate due to government rules. Thank you for your understanding. 

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