HAM HOCKS, SMOKED: Heritage Pastured Pork (2.5lb average)

HAM HOCKS, SMOKED: Heritage Pastured Pork (2.5lb average)

Use our natural hardwood smoked ham hocks to create another version of Pulled Pork!
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Our ham hocks come from 100% Organic Pastured Pork and are smoked using natural hardwood chips. They soak in brine for 2 weeks and become tender, juicy & great for bbqs, slow cookers or in the oven on low and slow. Try a Polish glaze with beer & honey, you won't be disappointed!

We like to pull the meat apart and use in classic baked brown beans, mmmmmm. It's easy to recreate that mom and pop diner taste when you add a bit of our salted pork fat to the beans too! 



Slow cook the hocks at 300'F for 6-8 hours (depending on size) in a roasting pan of water in the oven (or slow cooker on low), then drain water off; shred meat, add a bottle/can of light beer and some honey to taste, return to oven at 400 (or slow cooker on high) for 30 mins basting/stirring frequently. Then mix into the baked beans!. For extra texture and deep flavour, try cutting up small pieces of some homemade salted pork fat and add to mixture. Freezes well. 

Here are the recipes I used: 

Quebec Maple Baked Beans from: She Loves Biscotti (I added Worcestershire to mine also) 


Polish Ham Hocks from: The Spruce Eats



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